Whether you're an athlete or not, going to college can land you pretty far away from where you call home. But being a part of a sports team can oftentimes be like having a second family.

That much is true for the men of UCF basketball team, who feel they've got family among their teammates no matter how near or far they are from where they grew up.

Senior guard Myles Davis said the team works as a unit, and he thinks that's the reason they've become so close.

"My teammates, they're behind me 100 percent and I'm behind them 100 percent," Davis said after a game against Georgia Southern.

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The family-like atmosphere is paying dividends for the so-called younger brothers of the group — freshman B.J. Taylor and Adonys Henriquez — as they sit No. 1 and No. 2 in UCF's scoring depth. They have each managed to earn three American Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week awards.

Like most families, though, the younger brothers usually take the brunt of misfortunes. This case is no different as Taylor has missed four games due to injury, including his most recent, which was a concussion from an accidental elbow by Justin McBride.

At a practice before the team's game against Cincinnati, McBride jokingly stated that Taylor may have hit his elbow instead of the other way around. But McBride maintains that no matter what's thrown their way, the tight-knit bond grows stronger by the day.

"It's a battle. We go to war with each other every day," McBride said after the Georgia Southern game. "We, as a unit, come together to persevere through adversity."

The injury to Taylor made room for Davis to see a little more action on the court, and as one of two seniors on the team, he always has their back as well.

"Whatever they need, I'll do it for them," Davis said before the same game. "[I'm ready] whenever my name is called. I'm just waiting."

Head coach Donnie Jones embraces his team's family-like atmosphere; but at the end of the day he's still the coach, the father figure, and building up that bond on and off the court has helped lead to victory in the past.

"That's what we talk about," Jones said before the team's trip to Florida State earlier in the season. "You hope your guys build on every game … We love to learn through winning."


Jarrod Heil is a Senior Staff Writer for the Central Florida Future. Find him on Twitter @JHeil11.