UCF football gamedays are about to get a major facelift. Starting fall 2015, students and alumni will be able to reserve tailgating spaces on Memory Mall, the Student Government Association and Alumni Association announced Tuesday.

Other changes announced include themed tailgates, a cooling zone and the SGA tent being moved to the center of Memory Mall to allow for easier access for students.

"This was coming from a long discussion of how to improve tailgating and make the student experience better and make the alumni experience better and make sure that the fans who are actually going to the game, who are actually interested in seeing the Knights play are the ones who are enjoying tailgating and are also doing it in a responsible manner," former SGA President Weston Bayes said.

Additionally, gameday activities will commence at 1 p.m. Sept. 3 for the season opener against FIU. The game is scheduled for a 6 p.m. kickoff and will be aired on CBS Sports Network. Classes will finish at noon on the main campus, Rosen Campus and regional campuses to allow for fans to be able to arrive in time for the game.

"The Student Government Association, in partnership with the university and Alumni Association, proposed the Memory Mall changes to give students more opportunities for pregame entertainment and food and also to give students and alumni greater access to one of the campus' prime tailgating areas," a UCF release states.

Further details regarding how students and alumni can reserve spaces has yet to be released, but should be available in the summer. Tailgating themes as well as musical acts will be announced later as well.


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