UPDATE: Plancher family attorney Steve Yerrid released a statement on behalf of his clients Thursday.

"The Plancher legal team and the Plancher family are obviously disappointed with the decision rendered today, and we are evaluating our next step to seek justice in Ereck's name," the statement read. "The decision recognizes that a claims bill may be filed seeking to have the Legislature pay the difference between the cap and was awarded by the jury. We can only hope that, if it reaches that point, the Legislature will do the right thing and compensate Ereck's family as the jury determined for his death. For today, we are left with reality that a wonderful, promising young man died unnecessarily and his family has still not received the justice our system promised to deliver."


The Florida Supreme Court upheld the Fifth District Court of Appeal ruling Thursday in the case of Ereck Plancher, a former UCF football player who died during offseason conditioning drills due to complications of a sickle-cell condition.

The 6-0 vote ruled that the UCF Athletic Association is entitled to limited sovereign immunity and will pay a $200,000 cap in damages, instead of the previously awarded $10 million to the Plancher family, due to state legislature 768.28.

In 2011, an Orange County jury ruled that UCFAA was negligent when Plancher collapsed while being supervised by the coaching staff in 2008.

Plancher's family argued that UCF does not have enough control over UCFAA's daily operations to entitle the association immunity, according to the Supreme Court briefing.

The briefing also stated that the UCFAA was acting as an "instrumentality" of UCF and that the Planchers can seek the remaining amount through the Florida Legislature.

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