Once you enter Bright House Networks Stadium, you’re definitely going to want to sit in the student section located in the south end zone.

A few words of advice: Don’t wear black to a noon kickoff. It’s really hot. Also, plan to be hot. Wear lightweight clothing, stay hydrated (with water, kids) and be ready to scream. There’s nothing worse than being miserable outside in the middle of September.

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here come the Knights!” the announcer will yell every time the Knights charge out of the tunnel from underneath the student section. You have two jobs: stomp your feet and scream.

During the Star Spangled Banner, when the band gets to the line “Gave proof through the night,” UCF fans ad-lib “Gave proof through the KNIGHTS!” Emphasis is on “Knights,” and yell it as loud as you possibly can.

And those cheers you learned at Orientation? You’re going to need them. They may seem silly now, but you don’t want to be the only one is a 40,000-plus seat stadium who doesn’t know the cheers. Whenever the Knights reset after a first down, the announcer will say “That’s good enough for another UCF ...” and that’s your cue to say “first down” as loud as you can, while karate chopping the air. On third down, you'll hear a bell gong as UCF fans raise three fingers in the air while chanting "ooooohhhh."

Another favorite is jingling your keys whenever a team kicks off. Oh, Knightro has his own set of giant cardboard keys, too. When the UCF kicker makes contact with the ball, it's time to start "U-C-F Knights!"

When the Knights score a touchdown, you’ll see the cheerleaders do pushups to match the score on the board. Some students join along, throwing a fan in the air to represent the number of points.

Lastly, whether the Knights win or lose, the team will gather in the end zone facing the student section, where they join the students in singing the UCF Alma Mater song. Don’t know the words? Neither do most students. It’s OK, the words are displayed on the scoreboard.


Ryan Gillespie is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.