It’s not often a team uses four quarterbacks through three games, but that’s just what the Knights have done.

After starter Justin Holman went down with a hand injury during the Stanford game, the Knights have been searching for a way to fill their pocket.

“The doctor said two to four weeks, and they’re usually accurate. If I can get him back in three, I think it’s a happy medium,” head coach George O’Leary said. “He gets stitches out [of his index finger on his throwing hand] tomorrow, but I doubt he’ll be ready.”

After UCF’s 16-15 loss to Furman, O’Leary said he would stick to one quarterback but didn’t say who it would be. He announced Monday that Schneider is the go-to guy for the game at South Carolina on Saturday Sept. 26.

“It’s no open competition. Bo [Schneider] will start, and Tyler [Harris] will back him up,” O’Leary said.

Before the Furman game, O’Leary said Schneider would start, but he left out the fact that Harris would play the second half – even though Schneider proved more successful. The true freshman threw for 63 yards and a pick on 7-for-11 passing, and Harris went 7-for-17 with 35 yards and two picks.

“I was tempted to put [Schneider] back in the fourth quarter,” O’Leary said. “They both have good arms. I think Bo probably makes quicker decisions.”

Nick Patti found himself taking snaps out of the shotgun as well, rushing 14 times for 58 yards and a score and throwing two passes that missed the mark.

As a former quarterback, Patti saw both positives and negatives of transitioning a young quarterback in and out of the game. He said timing and rhythm may have been a disadvantage to Schneider, but said watching plays from the sideline may have resulted in the freshman seeing the big picture of the Furman defense.

“I certainly can’t speak for Bo … I know it got our offense going a little bit,” he said. “He was doing well. We just have to continue to help him out.”


Jarrod Heil is the Sports Editor for the Central Florida Future. Follow him on Twitter at @JarrodHeil or email him at