Sport and position: Volleyball, opposite hitter

Year: Senior

Major: Human communication

Favorite food: Anything dipped in ranch. Particularly chicken fingers and ranch, but just ranch is great. It is a food group in itself.

Favorite pro athlete: Coby Fleener. I know it is pretty cliché to say that, but we are really proud of him. He has been doing great; he has been working really hard. He is looking beyond football, he graduated Stanford with honors, he does a lot of things you don’t see other athletes doing. He gives back to the community, he speaks at his church and he just does a lot of cool things that people don’t see.

Pregame ritual: What I’ve always done is make sure my hair and makeup is done. I have to have the right sock on the right foot. The socks have to be right. That is it, basically just hair, makeup and socks. The sock thing started in college but the hair and makeup has been through every game, every tournament. That’s what I’ve always done.

Hidden talent: Me and my sister Ashley sing a little bit. We are leaning toward country, but it is kind of just more acoustic cover right now. I guess I would say my hidden talent is singing. My other hidden talent would be that I’m the best floor cleaner in the game. In practice when I’m sitting out and someone’s sweating and they slide out, I’m in there with the towel within three seconds like it’s no one’s business and I take my job very seriously. I’ve made up routines, like I am the best floor cleaner in the game. Hands down.


Jimmy Calhoun is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.