The NCAA has still not cleared 7-foot-6 UCF freshman Tacko Fall, ESPN reported.

Amanda Wettstein, Fall's guardian, said the NCAA will accept  only 7½ courses that Fall completed in high school — which currently makes him ineligible to practice with the Knights. ESPN also reported that Fall recorded a 3.6 GPA in his final two years of high school. He spent the first two years in Senegal, where he is from. The NCAA is still investigating the high school Fall attended.

"Right now, the NCAA seems to be hiding behind his high school, Liberty Christian, not being certified," Wettstein told ESPN. "They aren't accepting chemistry, calculus and other courses in which he excelled. This slaps in the face of what they say, that they look at each individual circumstance.

"(The NCAA is) punishing Tacko even though he's done nothing wrong. ... It's like he's guilty until proven innocent. He needs to be cleared. This is a young man who is a terrific student."

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