Evan Abramson

Sports Editor

History will be made Sunday, Feb. 7, as one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, Peyton Manning, will play what could be his last playoff game ever in his long career as he battles Cam Newton, who hopes to make a long lasting trend of Super Bowl appearances.

It’s the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers on Super Bowl Sunday in a battle of old versus young. While half the country will watch the game for an exciting halftime show performed by Coldplay and numerous hilarious commercials, the other half will hope to see one of the greatest displays of football ever played.

Luckily for all of the kids in the stands, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, the superhero whose power has been mastering the art of “dabbing,” will make this game a high-scoring one, handing out footballs left and right to kids just waiting for their chance to embrace their hero.

But Manning will not disappoint either, as the arm that traveled with him throughout his career is not dead yet. The oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl event in history will lead his team to a big win over the Panthers, 38-34.

Carolina has dealt with the likes of great offenses before, such as that of the Arizona Cardinals, but playing a Manning is a whole different story. He may not have the evasiveness of Newton, but Manning certainly has the ability to beat a fast secondary and a pressuring defensive line when push comes to shove. And if the idea of a Manning doesn’t scare the Panthers straight, maybe the fact that Denver had beaten out the New England Patriots and quarterback elite Tom Brady in the AFC Championship will.

Matthew Saunders

Digital Producer

On Sunday, we will be in for a real treat, and I am in no way referring to the halftime performance.

Super Bowl 50 will be a great matchup as both No. 1 seeded teams in the playoffs will meet to duke it out in the most anticipated football matchup of the year. Carolina will boast a young quarterback in Cam Newton who’s going to have his hands full with a defense that was able to stop the seemingly unstoppable New England Patriots in the AFC Championship.

Thirty-nine-year-old quarterback Peyton Manning will become the oldest quarterback to start in the Super Bowl. He and the Denver Broncos will look to capitalize through the air against the Panthers secondary.

Newton hasn’t seen a pass rush quite like he will on Sunday, so look for the Broncos to contain him in the pocket so that he can’t make plays with his feet. This should be a high-scoring matchup of two teams that will play the best football that anyone has seen from them all year. Both teams have been through some adversity this season.

The Broncos had to get wins without Peyton Manning, and the Panthers had to deal with Josh Norman’s MMA fight with Odell Beckham Jr. Overall, I’m more excited to watch this Super Bowl than I’ve been in a while. That being said, I’m going to pick the Broncos to take down the Panthers by a score of 42-31.

Christopher Davis

Digital Producer

The Carolina Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50 by defeating the Denver Broncos 35-17. The Panthers’ front seven is stingy and their outside corners’ ability to disrupt receivers’ routs will be problematic for any offense, but especially a 39-year-old quarterback whose best days are left in 2007.

The Broncos also have a very tough defense; however, I believe that they’ll have a rough time containing Cam Newton in the pocket, and even if they do, Newton has improved his pocket presence immensely since his first two seasons in the NFL thanks to increased film study of defenses over the past years.

For the Broncos to win this game, their defense and running game have to play at a high level, and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has to continue to not turn the ball over by not taking too many risks throwing into tight windows.

The Panthers defense will be in his face all night, and he won’t have any choice but to get rid of the ball, culminating in turnovers which, in turn, will give the Panthers either points or tremendous field position.

At the end of the day, this game is on the defenses of both teams. Whichever team can force turnovers and give their offenses a great field position will win this game.

That’s why I believe the Panthers will grab this one, because of the appearance that they’ve been in a groove as a team that has contained two MVP-caliber quarterbacks, with Newton’s team scoring more than 30 points in both prior matchups.