The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the ongoing lawsuit between the family of former UCF football player Ereck Plancher and the UCF Athletics Association.

The Plancher family's appeal is regarding the reduction of the amount of money they were originally awarded in the lawsuit in 2011. The court issued an order accepting jurisdiction in the case and will not be hearing oral arguments, but will review the case record and legal briefs from attorneys, the AP reported.

The Plancher family must file their first brief in the appeal on Sept. 8. UCFAA attorneys must respond within 20 days, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Plancher died in 2008 after he collapsed due to complications from the sickle-cell trait following offseason workouts supervised by head football coach George O'Leary. His family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit arguing UCF Athletics Association staff members failed to follow their own procedures to treat Plancher, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Originally the family was awarded $10 million in damages by an Orange County jury in June 2011, but the UCFAA appealed, arguing the direct-support organization should be considered a state agency and be eligible for the state's sovereign immunity clause, which would cap payouts out $200,000.

In August 2013, a three-court judge appeals' court panel reduced the $10 million that was awarded in damages to $200,000.